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About this project

Many websites contain secret messages and comments. Imagine you could make these messages visible or even add your own. Now imagine that this function would exist everywhere and only the users themselves would have control over it. Wouldn't that be great? This website makes it possible.

Test it with the URL input from start page. A sidebar opens and you can try the service. If you like it, please install our browser extension (recommended). Alternatively, you can also try the bookmarklet.

Subpage detectors

Hidden messages are usually only assigned to domain names ( and subdomain names ( Messages on subpages are not possible due to the mass of frequently changed pages. For selected websites subpage detectors have been developed. Currently, these detectors recognise user profile pages in social networks* and news articles**. This allows you to assign your messages to individual profiles and articles.

*Supported websites:,,,,,,,,,,

**Supported websites:,,,,,,,,,,

Distributed moderation

If you wish, you can become a moderator immediately on registration. This allows you to report illegal posts and check posts for illegal content. Each post is sent simultaneously to several random moderators. Posts are only deleted if most moderators vote for this. This is a core function and will be activated when enough users are registered here.

Best privacy

This service is designed for maximum privacy. If you want, you can even write anonymously here. We generally do not spy and we do not collect any data about your visited websites! And even better: the address of the visited page is shortened in your browser.