Terms of use (translated from german)

General informations

The provider gives the user a free service under the domain www.hiddenpost.com within the context of a community. Use is only permitted if the user accepts these terms of use. The provider reserves the right to modify the terms of use. The current version can be found on the website. Changes to the terms and conditions of use shall be accepted if the membership is not terminated and the service continues to be used. If the changes are rejected, the user account will be deleted.


The community is based on the democratic principle of freedom of expression. The aim is to encourage the free exchange of opinions, information and ideas. Every user is free to express his or her opinion. The dissemination of information that describes or is intended to encourage illegal and/or punishable under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany is prohibited. Each user is responsible for the content published and distributed in the community.

Participation, Registration, Membership

No prior registration is required to use the service. Non-registered users will be informed of the terms of use when writing new articles and accept them with the sending of the article. Users who register accept the terms of use with the registration process. There is no entitlement to membership. The user may not give his access to third parties for use. The user is obliged to keep his access data secret and to protect them from access by third parties.

Duties of the provider

The provider allows the user to publish articles within the scope of these terms of use. The provider makes a community function available to users free of charge within the scope of its technical and economic possibilities. The provider endeavours to keep his service available. The provider does not assume any further performance obligations. In particular, the user shall not be entitled to a permanent availability of the service.

Duties of the user

The user undertakes not to publish any contributions that violate these terms of use. In the event of a violation, the provider (or moderator) may modify, delete or block the user's access to the respective contributions.

Duties of a moderator

A registered user can switch between user and moderator status at any time. However, the provider (or moderator) may refuse or change this classification. There is no entitlement to moderator status. If the user declares that he/she is willing to act as moderator, illegally posted posts can be displayed for review. However, there is no obligation to check the contributions.

The following rules should be followed by moderators: The contribution to be examined should be correctly classified as legal or illegal. If it is not clear, it is recommended to omit the test. If a moderator wants to report an illegal post himself, he has to fill in the form correctly. Should a moderator exploit his status and incorrectly report contributions, the provider (or moderator) may sanction this user.

Transfer of rights of use

The copyright for the published contributions remains with the respective user. By posting the contribution, the user grants the provider a simple, spatially and temporally unlimited right of use to the contributions. In addition, the provider (or moderator) has the right to postpone, delete, edit or close the contributions. The user has no claim against the provider for deletion or modification of contributions created by him/her. The right of use shall remain in force even if the member leaves.

Termination of membership

The registered user can cancel his or her membership at any time. Upon request, the provider (or moderator) will then block the access of the user. The provider (or moderator) is entitled to cancel a user's membership (especially inactive accounts). The provider (or moderator) is entitled but not obliged to delete the content created by the user in case of termination of the membership. A claim of the user for transfer of the provided contents is excluded.

Change or discontinuation of the service

The provider is entitled to make changes to his service. In case of termination of the service, the provider is entitled but not obliged to delete the content created by the users.